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• A Beautiful day on the Annapolis Docks •

As Annapolis wedding photographers, we love photographing waterfront weddings at the Marriott, and this classically beautiful event was no exception! We first worked with Allison & Steven at their engagement session, and it was immediately obvious to us that they are the sweetest couple. Their wedding day was a joy to photograph and we got some amazing wedding images, we feel blessed to have such awesome clients! It’s also to their credit that they chose some of the best Annapolis wedding vendors, including  Behind the Veil Beauty and Intrigue Design.

We got to take pictures of the bride and groom in some of our favorite Annapolis photo shoot locations, including the docks, Historic downtown,  and of course the Marriott is a beautiful venue for wedding reception photos. Take a look!

If you want to see more St Mary’s  / Marriott photos, you can also check out these wedding images which is another classic and gorgeous event we did last year.


Perfect light, and on the docks right outside of the Marriott!   Allison was enjoying the pre-ceremony photos and we were loving her look!  Check out her make-up … it is flawless.  I always highly recommend clients hire a make up artist for their big day. Make up can make a huge difference with your wedding photos.

How perfect does the bouquet look in this shot?  Intrigue did a great job balancing the white with a touch of color.

We always love photographing wedding ceremonies at Saint Mary’s in Annapolis.  My favorite time to photograph during a ceremony is during the homily.  We can get great candid moments.

The Annapolis City Docks with the perfect blue sky is a must if you are getting married in the downtown Annapolis area.

Lots of hidden side streets and amazing textures and backdrops when taking wedding pictures in Annapolis.  Hamilton Photography loves the side streets around the market place.

Steven wrote a sweet note to Allison on the bottom of her shoes! What a fun idea to personalize their wedding day.

Personalized forks can be a great touch to the cake table presentation! They found these on Etsy!

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