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• All around the Bay •

Katy and Matthew’s wedding was truly a Chesapeake Bay wedding with events on both sides of the bay. We started off at Katy’s parents’ home in Grasonville and got some stunning photos on the dock across from their house. As we were finishing the photography with the expansive bay as the background, a jet ski went by and he waved. It was one of the family friends zooming home to get dressed for the event. Then we were off to the other side of the bay for the ceremony, and the beautiful reception at Celebrations at the Bay. This facility has amazing views of the Chesapeake Bay and of course a great dock for more photography. The crew is so helpful and friendly everyone feels welcomed. Katy and Matthew enjoyed the evening with their friends and family and the reception went bumping into the night.

dsc_4825-5.jpg dsc_0303-1.jpg dsc_5143-13.jpg dsc_5128-12.jpg dsc_5154-15.jpg dsc_0469-5.jpg dsc_5292-17.jpg

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