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22 May 2024

United States Naval Academy Portraits | USNA Photographer | Annapolis, MD

The United States Naval Academy (USNA) Graduation Ceremony is more than just a ceremony; it’s a rite of passage. It marks the culmination of four years of rigorous academic, physical, and leadership training. Midshipmen have endured countless challenges, from grueling physical fitness tests to demanding academic schedules, all while developing the leadership skills necessary to serve as officers in the Navy and Marine Corps.

Graduation signifies their transition from students to commissioned officers, ready to take on the responsibilities and challenges that come with protecting and serving the nation. For many, it’s a dream realized and a moment that encapsulates their commitment to duty, honor, and country.

The iconic Blue Angels, the Navy’s flight demonstration squadron, perform an awe-inspiring flyover, symbolizing the commencement of the ceremony and adding a touch of spectacle to the day. A beloved tradition, the hat toss is a jubilant and iconic moment. As the new officers throw their caps into the air, it symbolizes their transition from midshipmen to Navy and Marine Corps officers.

Graduation photos are an integral part of this rite of passage. They serve as a lasting memento of the time spent in Annapolis as midshipmen. With the Academy as the backdrop and uniform on, we capture a rich visual history of the Naval Academy’s present, connecting the past with future generations. These photos are often used in professional portfolios, military records, and personal collections. They serve as a testament to the individual’s accomplishments and dedication.

As we look forward to the 2024 graduation, we celebrate the remarkable achievements of the midshipmen and the traditions that make the USNA experience unique. Congratulations to the Class of 2024—you’ve earned your place in history. Fair winds and following seas!

06 Mar 2024

Megan & Niall | Maryland Wedding Photographer | Robin Hill Farm & Vineyards

Nestled in the picturesque suburbs of Washington DC, in Brandywine Maryland is the rustic Robin Hill Farms & Vineyards. Owned by the Price Georges County Park system, this venue is low-key, but packs major charm and elegance! […]

20 Feb 2024

Elizabeth & Shane | Baltimore Wedding Photographer | Mt. Washington Mill Dye House

Elizabeth and Shane’s wedding day was a tapestry of love, blending classic elegance, timeless beauty, and intimate warmth. Set against the backdrop of Loyola’s Chapel, their celebration embraced the transitional beauty of the Autumnal Equinox. Despite unexpected weather challenges and a tropical storm named Ophelia, their special day unfolded with grace. […]

31 Jan 2024

Honoring Service and Legacy: Retirement Ceremonies at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD

Retirement from the military is a significant life event, especially for those who have spent years at the US Naval Academy. The transition from active duty to civilian life is a momentous occasion, symbolizing the end of a dedicated service to the nation.

Retirement ceremonies at USNA are a blend of tradition, honor, and emotion. As individuals embark on a new chapter in their lives, the importance of capturing these moments cannot be overstated. Our photography services are dedicated to preserving the legacy of military service in exquisite detail, ensuring that the memories of retirement at the Naval Academy are celebrated and cherished for years to come.


31 Jul 2023

Chrissy & PJ | Kent Narrows Wedding | Hyatt Place

Nestled along the serene Kent Narrows Waterway, the Hyatt Place Kent Narrows and Marina provided an idyllic setting for PJ and Chrissy’s union. The waterfront venue not only offered breathtaking views but also exuded a sense of calm that perfectly complemented the essence of their special day. With the warm sun casting a golden glow on the blue waters, the couple’s love story found its magical stage. […]

24 May 2023

LaPlata Restaurant | Maryland Food Photography

Welcome to the culinary haven of The Charles, where exceptional flavors, elegant presentation, and impeccable service come together to create an unforgettable dining experience. Nestled in the heart of the city, LaPlata Restaurant takes pride in showcasing an array of delectable dishes that blend international influences with local ingredients. Join us on a delightful photographic journey as we explore the gastronomic wonders this esteemed establishment has to offer.


28 Jul 2022

Emily & John | Annapolis Wedding Photographer | Sherwood Forest Clubhouse

A June wedding in the Annapolis area of Maryland is a special time indeed! The days are long with light and the swampy heat embraces us all with the sweet waters of the Chesapeake Bay.

This particular June morning, Emily and her ladies were up early to start the day at Gibson’s Lodging on Price George Street in Downtown Annapolis. A beautiful historical home, decorated with bright whites with plenty of natural light through the old windows. Emily fell in love with just about every dress she tried on, but went with a high-neck line and open back design for a very classic look.

While the girls got ready the boys headed over to the the USNA Chapel […]

31 Jan 2022

Amanda & Canon | Charleston South Carolina Wedding Photographer | Magnolia Plantation

Sometimes a wedding out of the Annapolis area comes across our lenses and we are more than excited to shoot at a new venue.

Amanda and Canon decided on a Charleston, South Carolina wedding at the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. Magnolia has been selected as one of “America’s Most Beautiful Gardens,” by Travel + Leisure magazine. […]

31 Jan 2022

Caitlin & J.T. | Baltimore Wedding Photographer | The Engineers Club

The Engineer’s Club is one of Baltimore’s most elegant venues and operates for events in conjunction with the Garrett-Jacobs Mansion. The Garret-Jacobs Mansion is the finest legacy of Baltimore’s Golden Age. Constructed from combining 4 townhomes into one, with approximately 40 rooms, 100 windows, and 16 fireplaces; this venue is absolutely luxurious, which makes it a fantastic choice for a guilded-age theme wedding. […]

05 Jan 2022

Photography Editing Styles

When planing your wedding day, you chose the perfect dress, the theme for the day, the music, the food, the venue and of course, the photographer! Your photographer is who will be by your side the entire day, the person that captures all that you planned, the details, the story. You’ve most likely gone through the photographer’s website and looked at their work, seen other peoples wedding photos and thought, “wow, that’s beautiful, I like their style. You’re hired!” Your photographer is your moment capturer, your personal paparazzi, they snap from their point of view and document what they are seeing. Some photographers love to be edgy and artsy, some love candids, others come with a photo journalistic approach. […]