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• Engagement Photo Ideas from Hamilton Photography •

A lot of brides ask me to share past engagement photo sessions so they can get some engagement photo ideas.  It’s a great idea to search the internet and get a feel for what type of style speaks to you.  There are a lot of photographers out there and their styles and quality  range dramatically!  You need to make sure that the photographer you hire has the ability to get the shots you love and that his or her personality works with yours so you enjoy the session.  So many brides say it to me so I will say it again…  Although photography can be a little more expensive than you anticipated, it is worth hiring the experienced photographer.  The few extra bucks over your lifetime will be worth it—I promise!  So take a look at these engagement photo ideas.

Here are a few tips to make your engagement session successful.

As I have already stated the obvious, higher an experienced and talented photographer that shoots the style you like.

Pick a date and time that is not stressful for you so you can enjoy it.  I typically suggest starting the session 1-1.5 hours before sunset as this is fantastic lighting time.

Plan your outfits.   A lot of people ask me what they should wear. I  always say to keep it simple in regards to patterns and prints.  You want to make sure your outfits compliment each other as well.  Finally, fun shoes, scarfs jewelry and other accessories can dramatically change a photo so think about some special pieces for you!

Have fun at the session.  Just enjoy the session and try not to over-think that a photographer is taking your pictures.  Laugh and smile a lot and just embrace the moment.

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