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• How much does Wedding Photography Cost? •

So a lot of brides are sticker shocked the first time they hear a photographer’s rates .

Hamilton Photography’s main reason for not meeting with a couple is “you’re out of our budget”. But having a budget for photography that does not match the average amount paid for wedding photography may be doing damage to your wedding and cause post wedding guilt.

In 2012 a survey was done among various wedding vendors throughout the world (mostly US, but some International vendors) about what their average brides commonly spend with them. The pricing survey was simple and to-the-point, and the data that was received portrays weddings and vendor pricing accurately. Photographers from around the world submitted the average amount that their brides spend with them, and the result was $3520.00. There were of course lower numbers than this, as well as higher numbers than this, plus pricing can definitely vary by region – and so all those things considered, this is why $3520 is the average of all of the data collected.

So I’m not saying you have to spend 3520.00.

I’m not saying you have to spend 3520.00 to get amazing photos. There are rising talents out there where you can catch that star on its way up, and get a deal for photography.

But on the average you get what you pay for. Many a bride has looked back on going with a lesser expensive, lesser quality photographer and said “Why.” Why did I skimp on the photography. I won’t go into all of the horrible things that come with this option, but you don’t want to have your wedding photos be bad and it be due to your choice. I always say it is good to compare quality of photographers in different price points. Then you can see some differences in what you are paying for and what you will receive. I also tell brides, it is better to get a great photographer to preserve your memories, preserve the memories the way you want, and get a basic package and then add on albums later…than to get a good photographer with more bells and whistles in their package, but not be exactly what you want in quality .

So when asking yourself “how much does wedding photography cost?” and setting your budget, remember that photography can cost on average 3520.00. Everyone has to work within their whole budget for their whole wedding. But photography is the only documentation / preservation of this event after the wedding is gone. The only heirloom to show your children, show your children’s children. So when the photography budget comes up with one of your friends or family members, maybe let them know how much photography can cost and how to avoid post wedding guilt. A well informed couple is a happy couple!

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