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• Jennifer & Christopher’s Dream Wedding •

We had the pleasure of working with Jennifer and Christopher on their big day back in April.  I swear April is becoming the new May because we were crazy busy this year and our 2012 April is booking really fast!   We were lucky not to get those infamous April showers because it was in the forecast.  Jennifer and Christopher were able to have their dream wedding on the lawn of the gorgeous Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay.  Of course the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay has all the Easter Shore photo ops you could ever imagine … fantastic water views, a romantic beach and the most perfect oak tree perched up on a hill overlooking the choptank river.  However, lets not forget the hidden gems in the hotel itself!  The raven’s nest architecture is grand and modern (perfect place for a reveal if the couple is going to see each other before the ceremony),  an indoor waterfall near the spa and this funky but romatinc hallway right behind the bar which has orange tinted lighting and cool flooring!  Can you tell we love working at the Hyatt in Cambridge!!!  Props go out to Rentals to Remember for making the ballroom look even more amazing and My Deejays for keeping the dance floor moving!


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