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What a stylish wedding.  Jeff and Inga outdid themselves in every part of the wedding day!  Jeff and the boys wore suspenders and fedoras and really gave some character to the groom’s attire. Inga, Inga, Inga was just stunning. With small blonde curls underneath her white birdcage veil, Inga was truly a gorgeous bride. Inga wanted an edgy, cool bouquet and Perkins did not disappoint; the flowers were so cool and different. The reception at Chase Court was so much fun and we got to enjoy it as guests as our associate photographer, Emily Chastain, took over. From the great Lithuanian beer to the band jamming with Jeff’s parents on guitar and keyboard, the wedding was a blast. Thanks Inga and Jeff for choosing us to photograph the day and inviting us to enjoy the celebration. Enjoy the photos! dsc_0500.jpg dsc_0590.jpg dsc_0686.jpg dsc_1370.jpg dsc_1386.jpg dsc_0813.jpg dsc_0795.jpg dsc_1206.jpg

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