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• Our Fabulous Barn Style Shoot! •



Over the summer we had the most amazing experience.  We teamed up with some of the areas best wedding professionals and did a style shoot at some cool barns on an old tobacco farm.  This was our first style shoot and we were excited to get artistic and create some new marketing materials for all involved.  Having so many creative individuals involved really made this shoot. I wanted a surreal image of a bride getting ready in a field and we built around that concept.  The 2 main companies responsable for the feel of this shoot was Melissa and Sarah from Intrigue Design & Decor and Carleen, Ally, and Jill from 2 Hands Studios.   I can not say enough about all these ladies and how they worked together to create something so amazing.  But everyone involved had a hand in what we created and I wanted to personally thank everyone !

Allison Barnhill from Allison Barnhill Designs

Fiona D’Agostino from Fiona’s Cakes

Jodi Hair from Relysh

Amie Decker from Amie Decker Makeup & Hair Artistry

Christine Penny from Angelberry Organics

Silvia la Fleur from Rentals To Remember

Jill Andrews from Jill Andrew Gowns

Flavonoids Vasquez from Annapolis Formal

Jeff Colley from Reflexion Videography

And last but not least in any way, Mike Busada from Mike B Photography.   Mike took care of all the inside lighting, drove models and photographers around on his ATV, and graciously took care of feeding everyone at his house.  This shoot was inspired from me seeing Mike’s gorgeous landscape photos of these barns, so with all that said, a big THANKS to Mike B !

This shoot was so much fun and the experience of collabarating was as valuable as the images we created.  This was a huge group effort from Hamilton Photography, so thanks Danny, Heather, and of course Christina!

Enjoy !


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