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• Our Story •

A passion that sets us apart


This is Mark, our three amazing kids and me (Christina).    Mark and I fell in love in San Francisco, got married in 2002 and here we are today!   Our house is filled with love, lots of energy and our motto, Family First. Yes it looks like we have triplets, but actually the twins, Cooper and Leah, came first and then we welcomed Anna a short 17 months later!    Anna is my mini me. Can you guess which one she is?

So obviously we love our family.  We also love each other and our time together.  We love sushi, seeing a good band, spending time on the Chesapeake Bay and hitting the ski slopes.  And of course, we absolutely love wedding photography! We love being a part of a couple’s special day, watching it unfold and knowing all the great things to come.

It’s hard to believe we planned our wedding over 15 years ago! It feels like just yesterday we were where you are today!  Photographing a wedding brings smiles to our faces and reminds us of us of our wedding day and our beginnings.   I mean how many people get get to be reminded of their truest love when they go to work!  Not many, so we are blessed to connect with our couples in that way.

Mark and I have put a lot of love, sweat and tears (mostly love!), into Hamilton Photography.   Our style and quality of photography is why couples reach out.  Our easy going attitude is why couples connect with us and feel at ease on their wedding day. And our experience is what makes couples feel confident that we are the perfect fit for them.

Below you will see our story about how we met by chance, fell in love and started a business.  It’s really the beginning chapters of our journey so read on if you want to learn more. But more importantly, reach out so we can talk to about the chapter you are about to write! We would love to hear all about it.


Mark Hamilton was a young photographer who wanted more, so he moved from Tampa to San Francisco to immerse himself in the second-largest photography community in the United States. The vibrant art scene was intoxicating. Meeting other photographers, spending time in photo labs and gaining exposure to alternative processes was exactly what Mark craved. This was the catalyst for Mark’s growth as a photographer and desire to achieve more.

Christina was working at the Loyola University Photo Lab and wondering how she could make photography a full-time job, but the corporate world was knocking on her door. After graduating college with a major in marketing and a minor in photography, she moved from her home in Maryland to San Francisco to start a career with a Fortune 500 company.


By chance, Mark and Christina met in the camera shop where Mark worked. Enamored at the counter, they soon found out they had much in common. Both had just moved into town, both were originally from New Jersey and most importantly, both loved photography. The two explored their new eclectic city, traveled the West Coast and yes … fell in love.


After two years of enjoying San Francisco and building a life together, Mark and Christina moved to Baltimore for a job promotion and to be closer to Christina’s family. The fresh start on the East Coast presented the perfect opportunity for the duo to launch their photography business. Mark started shooting weddings and clients loved how his passion for landscape and innovative portrait photography set their wedding photos apart. After a few years, Christina left the corporate world to work with Mark and brought years of marketing and business knowledge to the table. Their drive and passion for photography and business ignited their company onto the wedding scene and their growth and momentum haven’t stopped since.


As their wedding coverage expanded outside of Baltimore and they photographed hundreds of weddings, Mark and Christina moved to Annapolis to be more centrally located to Washington, D.C., the Eastern Shore and Baltimore. It didn’t take long for them to fall in love with their new city. Over the years, they have proven their talent and are today considered one of the top Annapolis photographers and a staple to the wedding photography scene.


When not working, you can find Christina and Mark enjoying their hometown of Annapolis, sharing sushi at Tsunami or enjoying a day on the bay with their three kids. As part of the larger Annapolis community, they also donate their time, services and artwork to local fundraisers, galas and charities. With more than 17 years of experience, Hamilton Photography continues to work closely with the top wedding venues in Annapolis, the Eastern Shore, Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. They continue to challenge themselves and produce high-quality, artistic and natural photographs for their clients.