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• They got married on a Yellow Dubmarine! •

Back to the Silver Swan Bayside with one of the most fun couples of the year. Emily & Beau were perfect for each other and you could tell by the end of the night, these guys had fun and enjoyed life. I also knew it from the begining of the day where Beau did a karate kick action photo about two feet off the ground – hysterical! But the real clue this couple was unique was the choice of band for the reception, Yellow Dubmarine, a dub Beatles Cover Band. Sounds like it could be cheesy right? Wrong! It was brilliant! Me and everyone were bopping all night. I loved them so much, I went home and put their link straight onto my resource page. But anyways, capturing true, fun, love like Emily and Beau’s is always inspiring. I hope you enjoy the photos!

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