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• Until death do us part – or someone cheers for the Steelers! •

I can pretty much guarantee that no Steeler fans were at Tiffany and Chad’s wedding – only a bunch of Ravens fans! Although their vows were “until death do us part”, there was an underlying understanding that it would read “until death do us part or someone cheers for the Steelers”. Their mode of transportation was even a Raven’s fan bus. After a drive through downtown Bel Air where all the cars that passed by screamed and cheered, we ended up at the Maryland Golf and Country Club. You can see the footage of our adventure to Maryland Golf and Country Club because the very talented Jeff Colley from Reflexion Media was hanging out his car window capturing the fanatics through town. Thanks to Deborah Zavoyna of Flaire Event Planning for keeping us on schedule. I don’t think one thing went wrong all day! It was perfect. marine1.jpg marine3.jpg marine5.jpg

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